Your Gift to Chance to Shine

We believe cricket contains a very important role to play in the education of teenagers. we all know through expertise that cricket is often a strong and lasting element of a young person’s learning and development, successively transportation wider instructional and social edges.


Teachers report however cricket employment sessions will facilitate improve pupil attending, behavior, concentration, motivation, and general perspective towards education.


Children find out how to co-operate with others by taking part in team sports. They learn to support their peers and this positive behavior is commonly brought into the room.

Fair play

When it involves honest play, cricket is special. victimization of the Spirit of Cricket ‘fair play’ message, we tend to teach teenagers to respect their team-mates, opponents, and also the umpire.


We provide competitive opportunities for kids so that they will aim high, work flat out towards a goal and find out how to win magnanimously and to be dignified in defeat. They conjointly build resilience to trot out and pick up from, setbacks.


Cricket has an incredible ability to cross-cultural, social and gender divides. Boys and women will play equally with each other. Cricket reaches all of our ethnic communities like no alternative sport. Cricket provides for those with disabilities, giving specially tailored games for those with physical and mental conditions.


Cricket insists on high standards of conduct and provides positive role models. Pupils respond well to the structure and laws of the sport.

Too several kids and youth area unit physically inactive and drop out of the sport as they grow up. partaking kids timely is significant to put together a sporting habit forever.

A person’s angle towards sport is formed by their expertise as a toddler, and plenty of individuals drop out of the normal sport before they even reach the age of fourteen. college is essential – positive expertise of sport in class will contribute to a lifespan of participation and negative expertise could slender perceptions of sport and place somebody off forever.

No single approach works for all kids however having fun whereas building basic physical acquirement and confidence in skills area unit the cornerstones of keeping kids in sport.

Cricket will facilitate kids build the talents and confidence required for a healthy life, whereas developing personal and social well-being.

Many youth area units missing out on the advantages of being active and enjoying the sport

Children UN agency area unit physically active area unit less doubtless to be weighty or develop long unhealthiness, like polygenic disorder, as adults. At a time once over a 3rd of Year six kids area unit weighty or overweight, it’s additional necessary currently than ever to interact kids early.

Attending a sports club outside of college time is connected with higher educational and behavioral outcomes in school.


There is sturdy proof that enjoying the sport is connected to higher shallowness and confidence, through feeling pride in learning new skills and overcoming challenges.

Mental and Social well-being

People who play sport and area unit a member of a sports club area unit additional doubtless to be pleased with their lives. there’s growing proof that sport is related to down risks of depression and bigger life satisfaction. a serious public health study found it will shield kids UN agency have had tough childhoods from developing mental state issues later in life. during an exceedingly|in a very} time wherever kids area unit defrayment an increasing quantity of their free time on-line, sport provides a very important various activity which will tackle feelings of isolation and build a way of happiness.

Development of Street Cricket

Chance to Shine Street brings today match prediction to thousands of youth in urban areas. It uses the sport to extend aspiration, promote social cohesion and build opportunities in numerous communities. There area unit a hundred sixty-five probability to Shine Street comes across the country.

It’s a fast version of the sport vie with a tape ball – a ball wrapped in electrical tape – in tiny swallowed areas. With six players per team and twenty balls per innings, it’s cricket’s answer to five-a-side soccer. Check the foundations out here.

Why will we supply probability to Shine Street?

We feel that each kid, despite wherever they live, ought to have the chance to play cricket. the probability to Shine Street may be a counter for a scarcity of accessible clubs and inexperienced areas in inner-city areas and aims to form cricket accessible to youth throughout the country.

Street cricket offers a distinct approach to the game, with eighty-seven of the players not a part of a standard cricket club once they joined the sessions. Some – around one in ten – do endure to play at a standard cricket club or enter park-based T20 leagues except for most the road project becomes their club.

The comes run outside or at weekends, they’re utterly free, players don’t ought to bring any instrumentality and might wear no matter they like. The sessions run in sports halls, youth clubs, parks, and community centers for 2 age teams – Youths (eight–16) and Young Adults (16–24) – and in some locations, we have a tendency to run female-only sessions.

“It’s fun and it’s healthy and that I additionally like coming together with others and that I fancy taking part in cricket.”
– feminine probability to Shine Street jock, age 11


All participants concerned in probability to Shine Street comes to have the chance to require part in native competitions against alternative near comes within the faculty holidays, with the likelihood of planning to regional then national competitions annually for the underneath fifteen and underneath twelve age teams.

We additionally run weekly young adult leagues in some cities and cities with plans in situ to make regional and national competitions for league winners and host a national ladies Street Cricket competition and Competition. the chance to vie against others from across the country are a few things that they relish, and equally as necessary as testing themselves against the simplest within the country is that the chance to form new friends and to go to new places.

Watch a number of the action from the road National Finals

Who will probability to Shine reach?

Chance to Shine Street has transferred the sport to a number of the foremost underprivileged areas of a European country. Three-quarters of Street cricketers board the half-hour most disadvantaged areas of a European country and therefore the sessions give them with another to hanging out on the streets or sitting reception before of the TV.

The street is appealing to kids from numerous communities. eightieth area unit from BAME backgrounds and 2 thirds return from families of south-Asian heritage. Street helps to interrupt down social barriers and integrate folks into their native space. during a 2018 survey of 658 Street participants, seventy-eight aforementioned “I have met folks from completely different backgrounds” and 4 fifths united “I have created new friends”.

Developing leaders

We’re unbelievably happy with the very fact that thirty-fourth of coaches that lead established probability to Shine Street comes were antecedently participants or volunteers. Having coaches that return from similar backgrounds is unbelievably exalting for the young cricketers and eighty-fifth of participants aforementioned “I hunt to my coach”, while ninety-one aforementioned “My coach conjures up to try and do my best”.